Husband or Game of Thrones?

Everyday we have to make so many choices. We choose one dress over another. We chose idlies over dosas. We chose cab rides instead of bus rides. Our days are full of one or the other choices, some we make consciously others unconsciously. Does our choices define what sort of a person we are? Are we labelled according to the choices we made/make/going to make?

Like any other day, I went to office after a long weekend, brimming with energy, pumped at the prospect of getting some work done, rested and happy. I chose not to fall into the traps of Monday blues, I chose to ignore the latest episode of Game of thrones at my fingertips ( chanting to myself, “I’ll watch it at night after putting the baby to bed.”). Things went well as planned, I reached home, and my fingers were aching to take my mobile and start watching the episode. I had shut myself off from the internet to block the spoilers. Every ounce of my restraint were put to test, I faced the feeding session of our baby calmly, put the baby to bed after singing lullabies lovingly and finally took my mobile and sat down to watch ‘The long night”.

The episode started off as every fan’s dream come true and I prayed that Please let me watch it till the end without the baby waking up / internet going down / power going off (it was raining!). I was enjoying myself so much when the husband came to call me for dinner. Something about my reaction to being interrupted in the midst of a war for mundane things like dinner (there are people being killed by ice zombies man!) must have irked him, he left the room with a smug face.

Of course I paused the video and went to serve him dinner. Not because I’m a dutiful textbook wife – because I felt guilty about choosing game of thrones over my sweet better half. As I served him dinner and ate with him, I remembered the unmarried me a few years back, skipping dinner altogether to watch Game of Thrones. I’m happy my choices changed. My choices make others happy. And that makes me happy.

Let your choices be a cause of happiness to you as well as others around you. That’s all it takes to have a happy life.


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