What if ?

Little post update!Recently, I’ve been caught up in my busy life – work, family etc and all these were making me feel so overwhelmed. I’ve been feeling really low these days when I found my old diary in my cupboard. I simply read through random entries and instantly I felt better. Some of my entries were really enjoyable when I read now…for example 60 things I love about my life. An I’ve taken the pleasure to number it and write down everything that I love. I haven’t been writing regularly since marriage and I regretted that instantly. Priorities change, but you should be your first priority always. That should not have changed.

I found this small poem I wrote in my old diary and I’m sharing it here. Can’t help smiling at the hopeless romantic that I was before marriage! (Or maybe I had too much time and romance novels!)

What if ?

What if I died today

and couldn’t meet you one last time

What if I lost my memory today

and forgot all our favorite moments

What if I became deaf today

and could never hear your voice calling out my name

What if I lose my mind today

and couldn’t recognize you anymore

What if I lost my voice today

and couldn’t sing a last song for you

What if all these never happen

and you never knew how much you meant for me..

So, what if your problems are never ending, keep calm and hug your mom! Keep your loved ones close, tell them you love them and enjoy all the little things you love in your life!!


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