Out with a Bang!

As I watched the final episode of The Big Bang Theory, officially the longest sitcom ever(12 seasons, started in the year 2007), I became a bit dewy-eyed. I couldn’t help but wonder, how many of us in the real world will actually befriend Sheldon Cooper? In a world where everybody wants to be praised and appreciated without any good reason, imagine a particularly nasty person who puts you down always, behaves as though everything about you is beneath him, self-centered and bossy – all might have stopped imagining such a nightmare. Hard to believe but this person rooted us to our televisions for 12 years. Jim Parsons, you are an epic, a miracle or some sort of acting God.

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Each person has one or the other quirks, and intolerance will neither help us nor others. I am really happy with the way the show ended, being a motivation for all the nerds out there, showing lonely teenagers that they can have a fun life too. And it starts when you meet the right people. And that girls can also have a career in Science and succeed. The only thing I couldn’t quite agree on was that Penny got pregnant and she is happy about it. The woman didn’t want a child and all of a sudden she had to be pregnant and happy mostly because the fans wanted to see the finale in that way. What happened to the husband and wife both having a say in the decision and all that stuff!

The final episode shows how beautifully the character of Dr Sheldon Cooper has evolved to the unrealistic/surreal moment of ‘ I love you all ‘ coming from him. His accomplishments were made possible because his friends supported him despite being so irritable. In real world, how many of us will support Sheldon? In reality, the only things growing in the world today are intolerance and landfills. Life won’t be easy for Sheldon out here in the real world.

Lets think how real life would be for Sheldon in reality.

  • First of all he will never get a roommate who sticks with him for 12 years – there goes Leonard out of the picture.
  • Sheldon will be the ‘ nerd-next-door ‘ or ‘ the freaky neighbor ‘ for Penny
  • As Leonard is out of the picture, Howard and Raj will never be acquainted with Sheldon
  • There goes Amy and Bernadette out of the show
  • Sheldon might have survived college somehow but I wonder how he got through the interview at Caltech
  • Even if he did manage to get the job, can he survive workplace issues with colleagues like us? I highly doubt whether his career will be successful at all
  • He may probably grow old in his apartment, sitting on his spot on the couch playing video games without any friends or girlfriend. How sad would that be!

You’ve given me lot of fond memories, The Big Bang Theory! And I never believed I could love any other sitcom after FRIENDS.

Also the Goddamn elevator was fixed, finally!