Toxins all around!

This is Priya’s story. The story about her journey to happiness. A journey from toxic life to a happy healthy life.

Priya is a smart and beautiful girl doing her graduation. She plays violin, reads a lot, studies well and she is the apple of her parents’ eyes. Maybe that’s why her parents didn’t oppose when she started a relationship with her classmate. He was her good friend, clearly smitten and head over heels in love with her. They always texted each other and he kept on pestering her lovingly for staying in touch always.

Graduation years passed by, Priya concentrated on two things only – her studies and her boyfriend. She didn’t have time for anything else. She had exams to prepare for, interviews to be attended and at night only, she got time to talk to her boyfriend who was missing her more and more each day. Priya got placed in 2 multinational companies much to her parents’ delight and Priya was very excited too. She had so many hopes on the new prospects, new city and everything. But her boyfriend was sad, as they will be in a long distance relationship now. Anyway, Priya decided to take up the opportunity and somehow she felt guilty inside as she was leaving against her boyfriend’s wishes.

After a long tear-filled goodbye and so much drama, she left for her job and from then on, her life became hell. Job was great, friends were great, but she was imprisoned in her cell phone. She felt that she had to be in contact with him always – either though constant texting, or calls in order to make up for the guilt. That was when her relationship started becoming toxic. When her friends went out together, she stayed home to talk to him. She gave up playing violin, as he wanted her to play only for him, even though she loved the attention and the praises. Everything out of love only, anyways. Somehow nothing seemed to satisfy her boyfriend. She never realized how much toxic her relationship was becoming and how deep she was in the pit. Once her phone became dead and she hadn’t taken the charger with her. On returning to her home, he bashed her and made her cry for an hour on the phone. She was fed up of everything – her job, her friends who were having way more fun than her. She felt resentful towards everybody. She kept focusing on her love life only.

Finally, all this took a toll on her health. She was suffering and her parents advised her to quit her job and come back home. She gladly agreed. But even then her boyfriend kept on abusing her mentally and verbally. One fine day, she took a stand for herself, switched off her phone and broke up with him. Oddly she felt relaxed and slept peacefully at night.

Then Priya pursued all her dreams happily, found love again, somebody who respects her, proud to show her off and lived happily ever after. Moral of the story – It takes only a moment’s decision to break up with toxic people in your life.

PS: Toxic boyfriends don’t even deserve a fake name!!